Achoo! Dealing with pet allergies this spring

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Is your pet less than thrilled about spring? Help them cope with seasonal allergies.

With the warmer weather on its way and already taking hold in the state of Georgia, many allergy sufferers are already stocking up on medication and neti-pots to get them through the season. While you plan ahead for the yellow pollen that is sure coating Georgia’s soil, don’t forget about your pets. Pets are just as prone to seasonal allergies as people and can suffer through severe itching and other problematic symptoms during the season. Here are a few ways to help your pet this spring.

Talk to your vet. Your vet is the most knowledgeable source for you when it comes to your pets’ health, and can help you identify your pet’s allergies and allergy symptoms during the season. During your next checkup, talk to them about what to look for in your pet during this season.

Vacuum and clean regularly. Environmental allergies during the spring time can be aggravated as pollen and more get into your home, so be sure to help keep your home as free from these particles as possible. Regular cleaning will help cut down on them and other allergy causers, like dust.

Get a great air purifier. Air purifiers benefit the air quality in your home and eliminate allergy causing particles that you and your pet could breathe in. They’ll help improve the health of your home and your pet with just the flip of a button.

Does your pet suffer from allergies? Help protect them from the seasonal hit with these steps. Do you have further advice on how to help pets with allergies? Tweet your tips to @DeceasedPetCare with the hashtag #allergies.

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