“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”—Winterizing Your Pet

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If you’re located in Georgia, you probably have a jacket with you this week. Southern weather is doing its usual seasonal Ping-Pong of warm, cold, warm, cold, but we’re slowly dipping into the chilly weather of winter. Last year’s snow and ice caught many people off guard, but this year we’re prepared for winter weather. As you pull your puffy jacket from the back of the closet and start sipping hot cocoa, don’t forget to prepare your pet for winter. Here are a few items you’ll want to invest in to protect your pet in the frost and chill of the season:


That grimace on your face may mean that the idea of putting clothing on your dog seems silly, or a smile could mean that your pup will be donning the latest in couture, as it was already on your to-buy list. No matter what your sentiments are about dressing your pet in the winter, some dogs, especially small breeds, need the added warmth of a little sweater or jacket. Take a cue from your pet—If they shiver outside, give them a few warming accessories.


Photo by Martin Cathrae. Your pet loves to snuggle under the covers just like you.

Humans love to snuggle down into blankets, and pets are no exception. If they don’t have them already, slip a warm blanket or two into your pet’s crate at night. If they already have them, consider switching to something thicker and warmer. You’ll get those same loving eyes staring up at you at night, but this time they’ll be even more thankful for the warm gesture…and blanket.





Again with the accessories? Yes. Booties and paw protectors are essential in cold weather when there is snow and ice involved. Your pet can hurt the paw pads on their feet by going outside in the harsh weather, stepping on sharp ice pieces, or by walking on the salt they use to melt the ice and protect people from slipping.

ID Tags and Micro-Chips

Did you know that snow and ice can affect your pet’s sense of smell? It’s much easier for a loose dog or cat to lose their way in the cold than you would think, so be sure that you have a nice hold on their leash during walks. Just in case they do get away though, make sure that they are properly identified and marked so that if found, they can still find their way home. You may even want to consider a pet QR Tag.

While these are items you’ll want to have handy, there are plenty of other precautions to take during the winter months. Keep checking back to our blog as we’ll be bringing you more helpful and healthy tips for you and your pet this winter.

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