Celebrating Easter with your pets

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Easter, as a holiday, holds a special significance for many, whether it’s just a great day to celebrate the season of spring, a day of religious significance, or a day to enjoy a great egg hunt outdoors. You can let your pet join in the fun this Easter with these helpful tips, as well as look for hazards that could harm your pet during the festivities.

Easter Activities

Photo by Dave Fayram

There are several fun activities you can enjoy with your pet this Easter. The Easter basket is a common gift for children, but you can share one with your pets as well, from horses to cats or ferrets. Stuff a pet-safe basket (a bucket may be safer for a horse, while cats and dogs will be okay with a gift bag or basket) with their favorite treats and gifts, or even Easter themed toys.

Egg hunts are another popular Easter tradition, but they’re not just for the kids. You can do egg hunts with your pets! Hide catnip scented stuffed eggs for your kitty, or colorful toys, various tennis balls, or treat stuffed eggs for your dog. They’ll love playing with you while they find hidden treasures.

Easter photos are another popular family tradition, where young children get into their best pastels and head out for a photograph with the Easter bunny or their family. Some photographers will also allow pet photos with the Easter Bunny—check with your local photographers to see who’s available.

Easter Items to Watch For

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While Easter is a fun and inviting holiday, it also poses certain dangers for your pets. Easter lilies are a popular potted plant this time of year, but are poisonous to domestic animals.

When stuffing your pets’ Easter baskets, or while sitting out your family’s, be wary of Easter grass. These tiny ribbons of paper or plastic may look great, but like tinsel, they seem extremely attractive for cats, dogs, and small animals, and provide a great choking risk. Another item commonly found in Easter baskets, chocolate, can also pose certain dangers for your pets.

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