Gift Ideas for Your Pet and Pet Parents on Valentine’s Day

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When you come home from work or wake up in the morning, they’re always there to greet you with a whiskered smile or a few sloppy kisses. They perch on your shoulder or run up to you when you’re ready to go for a ride through the fields. Here are a few gift ideas for your furry, scaly, or feathered friends for Valentine’s Day so you can show them how much you care:

Photo by Cory Doctorow. Your pet can have cute treats from a local bakery or their usual favorites as a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Treats. Birds, ferrets, rabbits, horses, dogs, cats… The list goes on and on, but no matter what kind of pet you have, one way to show them your love is through their stomach. Treats are a great way to bond with your pet through training and to enrich their environments. You can visit one of the pet bakeries in Georgia for a specially made treat or head to your nearest pet superstore for your companion’s usual favorites.

Toys. Whether your pet will be pretty in pink with a new bow or will enjoy gnawing on a brand new chew toy, pets love toys and the attention that comes with them. PetSmart has an excellent selection of Valentine’s Day themed goods to make their hearts soar.

Time. More than anything, our pets want to spend time with us, or just to have time where we show them we care. For reptiles and fish, consider a tank upgrade to give them more space or add a new feature for them to explore. Take the dog on a hike, or play with the cat for a few hours with their favorite feathered toy. Show your pet affection with your time and your care for the day of love.

Photo by chrisada. Your cat will love spending time snoozing at your feet or playing with new toys for Valentine’s Day…or both!

While we love getting stuff for pets, we can’t forget about the pet parents in our lives either. Like our staff at Deceased Pet Care, many Georgia area residents spend a great deal on their pets and on pet services and charities each year to care for their pet companions and the animal community as a whole. Show them you care by donating to their favorite pet charity, making them some treats for their pets, or even offering to walk the dog for a few days when they’re at work. If they’re in need of a little TLC after giving their all at a shelter or volunteering, consider a nice bottle of wine that still helps pets in need, or a massage at a local spa.

How do you show affection for your furry friends or lend a helping hand to a pet parent on Valentine’s Day? Share your gift ideas with us on Twitter.

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