High-Class Kitties Rule the Runway

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What? There’s a show just for me?

The Cotton States Cat Club started out as a kitten of an event in 1938, when a group of feline enthusiasts got together in December of that year at the Atlantan Hotel to celebrate their love of cats. Mary Kate Carroll and Gladys Donaldson spearheaded the group, while the show was managed by Laura Graham, a CFA judge. The show featured cats of all kinds from long hair to short haired, and even featured 11 feline companions of the famous Miss Winifred Porter. 118 cats rounded out the first show, and started an amazing tradition for cat enthusiasts all over the South.

Now the Cotton States Cat Club is hosting its 83rd show, in which they have to limit entries. There are 8 All Breed Rings and 4 HHP Rings that will feature the best and the brightest of the cat world in the South. The event is scheduled for November 6th and 7th.

This event is the place to be for cat lovers, including those of us from the Shugart Family and Deceased Pet Care. We’ll be there ready with a booth along with other vendors carrying toys, supplies, cat furniture, and more, as well as rescue cat groups that could introduce you to the next furry love of your life. If you’d like to attend the show as a spectator and enjoy all of the fun, it’s only $8 for adults and $5 for children and seniors.

We can’t wait for the weekend and the Cotton States Cat Club, and we look forward to seeing you there. Are you planning to attend the event?

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