K-9 Heroes in Georgia Honored Through Deceased Pet Care

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K-9 Heroes in Georgia honored through Deceased Pet Care

Dogs make up a significant part of military and police forces today, helping their human companions to sniff out trouble and catch “the bad guys”. Their presence helps to save the lives of many, from victims of a crime to the soldiers and officers they serve beside. Like their human counterparts, these dogs deserve to be remembered with the honor and dignity they exhibited in their work. Deceased Pet Care is working to help local K-9 Units to do just that with their Garden of Honor in Dacula.

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Each K-9 Officer, like their partners, brings a specific personality and swagger to the job that makes them a unique member of the force. Recently the Gwinnett County Police Department buried K-9 Caleb, a sweet, nine-year-old German Shepherd Dog that was known for “bringing great tenacity to the game”. Caleb isn’t just remembered as a K-9 Officer on the force, but as a friend, companion, and family member to his fellow officers. These dogs aren’t just remembered for their skills, but also for their personalities, the lives they help save, and the changes they make in the society around them.

K-9 Caleb joins his fellow K-9 Officers in the Garden of Honor, specifically reserved for dogs in service, where he will be remembered with a memorial marker. Funds from the community can help to counteract the costs of these markers, and to help honor the memories of these heroes. If you’d like to help with the costs of these markers, simply contact the Deceased Pet Care offices.

Deceased Pet Care is a dog funeral home snd cremation service provider in Georgia.

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