New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Cope with the Loss of a Pet

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New Year’s Resolutions are about a fresh start, and if you’ve recently lost a pet, Deceased Pet Care understands how much that can alter your life. After the initial grieving stage of losing a pet, it can be hard to move on with everyday tasks. Let your fresh start with New Year’s Resolutions help you cope with your loss. Try these five resolutions ideas to help you through your grief:

1. Donate to Your Favorite Pet Friendly Charity in Your Pet’s Honor. Losing a pet is never easy. When an infant kitten that my family found passed away after a valiant struggle to save her, I felt severe grief and guilt. The veterinarian my family used sent us a postcard that holiday season; because Gracie, the kitten, had passed away while we were working with them for her care, they had made a donation to a local animal shelter in her honor. This small gesture meant so much to my family, and stuck with me for years. Help pets in need and create a way to remember your pet and for others to remember them by donating to your favorite pet friendly charity in their honor.

2. Continue an Activity You Shared with Your Pet. Daily walks get harder when you realize that you won’t need a leash in your hand that day. Staying active can be hard when an activity reminds you of your pet, and simple pleasures you enjoyed with them seem impossible to enjoy after they’ve passed. Make a resolution to keep up with one activity you share with your pet, whether it was a morning run or Sunday window shopping. It will help you hold on to fond memories of your pet while also helping you with your grief.

3. Adopt a New Pet. “I don’t want to replace them…” It’s a common thought after someone has lost a pet. They don’t want to replace their pet, but adopting a new pet is never a replacement. It’s starting a new life with your new pet based on all of the wonderful fun you had with your pet that has passed. When you’re ready for a new pet, head to the shelter to find one that connects with you, and one that you connect with as well.

4. Find a Special Place for Your Pet After they Pass. Whether you have an urn with your pet’s ashes or have reserved a wonderful place for them in one of our pet cemeteries, find a place that suits you for your pet’s final resting place. It will be a place that you will visit often, and that will mean a lot to you for years to come.

5. Help a New Pet Parent. After losing a pet, it’s easy to forget all of the stress, frustration, joys, and learning curves that you experienced when you brought home your new bundle of furry joy. Use your knowledge and joy from a life with your pet to help a new pet parent learn more about the journey they have ahead of them with their new adoptee. Do you have a resolution idea for someone who’s lost a pet? Did you lose a pet and have advice for others going through it now? Share it with us on Facebook.

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