Online Pet Memorial Offers Green, Permanent Memorials

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Many pet bloggers are putting their pets online, and even writing in the voice of their beloved pet.

The online world is not just a place to go shopping, to find out where there’s a great Italian restaurant near your home, or to find great music and games. It’s also one giant forum for people to share their thoughts and to discuss the things that they’re passionate about, including their pets. Thousands of pet blogs now exist on the web, with writers recording the happenings in the daily life of their pets, various pet facts, and more. One of the saddest things to experience in the online community, however, is when a pet lover loses a pet.

After the loss of a pet, the “phone tree” starts. You have to call your family members and let them know that the pet has passed. You may send out a tweet or Facebook post, or, if you’re a blogger, write a painful post about losing your pet.


Deceased Pet Care and the Shugart Family are working to make this process easier on pet owners, so that “getting the word out” isn’t such an arduous task during your hard time. We offer an online memorial for pets that’s allows you a web forum for memorializing your pet. Rather than call everyone individually, you can send an email, tweet, or Facebook post with a link, and the memorial will be there for others so that they share your loss with you and be there during your trying time.

In addition to allowing you an accessible online forum to memorialize your pet, online memorials are also eco-friendly, as they don’t use any resources, and still cherish the memory of your lost pet. They’re also a permanent place to store your memories, so that, in the event of a house fire, or even a natural disaster, like Katrina, you won’t lose all of your photos or your memorial to your pet.

You don’t have to use Deceased Pet Care for your pet’s final arrangements to use the Online Memorial service. We provide that to everyone to show our appreciation for the pet community and the people who care so much for our companions on four legs. If you’ve recently lost a pet, please feel free to add them to the Online Memorial today.

How do you preserve memories of your pet? Have you already added your pet to our Online Memorial? If so, tell us about it on Twitter.

For more than 49 years, the Shugart Family has served pets and the families that love them. As a third generation family business, we are dedicated to providing superior pet aftercare services.

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