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It’s finally time to put winter behind us, because spring is finally here! Hopefully that last cold snap has come and gone, and the fresh spring blooms are here to stay. At Deceased Pet Care, we really love the Spring. It means so many things: warmer weather, a relaxing afternoon shower, and of course, more time with outside with our pets! April is also host to several holiday’s we think are worth highlighting, but did you know the whole month of April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month? So we wanted to give a few tips to celebrate Spring with your pet safely in 2021.


Spring means you’ll be outdoors a lot more with your pet. That means lots of new opportunities for fun, but also many unexpected happenings: other dogs, wildlife, and many more strangers out and about. We know you want to give your pets the best, so a few key concepts will ensure you can celebrate many springs to come with a bit of first aid awareness.

It all boils down to five mindsets.

Mindset One – Be Aware

The first step in caring for your pet’s internal and external health needs is being aware. A watchful eye can not only alert you to a new need, it can be the best care of all: preventative. With a keen eye, most first aid situations can be avoided, or their impact lessened if unpreventable.

Mindset Two – Be Calm

Your pet is hyper aware of your emotional state. They are like stethoscopes for sensing fear, anxiety, stress, and danger. That’s why it is very important, whatever first aid situation happens, you try and remain calm. Your pet will already be experiencing a surge of adrenaline from the sickness or injury. Your calm reaction could help bring down the panic, and lead to a quicker healing process, or avoid further damage.

Mindset Three – Be Gentle

An injured pet is probably only thinking about two things: get better and avoid more danger. That means no matter the relationship you have with the pet, you need to be extra gentle when treating their needs. If your pet has suffered a physical injury, take care to softly and slowly address any areas of concern. If not performed with restraint, our desire to do good, could actually do more damage.

Mindset Four – Be Protected

That’s right, even though your first instinct will be to rush to your pet’s needs, it’s important you protect yourself first. Injured pets, no matter calm, can lash out in panic, especially dogs. It’s important to muzzle your pooch before trying to treat any needs. This can be gently done with a tie or towel to ensure you remain bite free. However, if your pet is sick and vomiting, never use a muzzle.

Mindset Five – Be Prepared

Here’s the part of the article where we talk about practical steps you can take when administering first aid to your pet in need. None of these statements will be an exhaustive set of instructions for treatment, but with the aforementioned attitudes, and these quick tips — you’ll be well on your way to taking care of your beloved pet.

When it comes to caring for our pets, it just takes a little thought. At Deceased Pet Care, we truly care for every part of our pets’ lives and few things seem more important than safety. We hope you take inspiration from our list and start thinking (and acting) your way to a more safety conscious spring, this National Pet Safety Month.

For more than 49 years, the Shugart Family has served pets and the families that love them. As a third generation family business, we are dedicated to providing superior pet aftercare services.

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