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Animal rescue groups in Georgia work exceptionally hard every day to save the lives of homeless, neglected, and abused pets around the state.

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They provide shelter, food, and medical attention to animals that would otherwise have lived on the streets or in hopeless conditions in neglectful homes, giving these pets the helping hand they need while searching for loving families with which to unite them. We have several rescue groups in the area that we love, and we know you will too. Take the time to read about them, and keep them in mind the next time you’re considering adding a four-legged friend to the family.

Atlanta Humane Society

The Atlanta Humane Society is Atlanta’s oldest private charitable organization. It serves as a pet adoption center, animal clinic, and a dog training and educational facility. They never euthanize for space or time considerations, and they offer a welcoming and friendly environment for those interested in adopting to meet and play with the animals.

Forgotten Paws Pet Rescure

Forgotten Paws Pet Rescue goes beyond the typical shelter functions of housing and adopting. They are an extremely active rescue organization that provides a variety of services to endangered pets, such as rescuing pets that owners plan to euthanize for convenience, transporting pets from kill shelters to no-kill rescue centers around the country. Their activities are vast and varied, so this is a wonderful organization for which to volunteer.

Good Mews

Good Mews is a rescue organization that caters specifically to cats. They are a no-kill shelter that provides their residents plenty of space and freedom in addition to play and cuddling in order to foster healthy and friendly cats. They receive no government support, so your donations are especially welcome and needed.

Gwinnett Humane Society

The Gwinnett Humane Society is not a shelter but rather an organization dedicated to preventing animal cruelty and pet overpopulation. They offer education about proper care and treatment of pets as well as the importance of spaying and neutering. In place of a shelter, they operate a network of private volunteer foster homes to care for adoptable animals.

The Humane Society of Cobb County

The Humane Society of Cobb County is a no-kill shelter that also offers educational outreach and spaying/neutering programs to the Cobb County area. Additionally, they provide pet crisis and grief counseling, pet-assisted therapy, and assistance for pet owners who have fallen into hard times.

Each of these incredible rescue groups provides an extraordinarily valuable service to the animals of Georgia, and none of them could survive without the generous donations of time, money, and wish-list items from people like you. Volunteering at any of these groups is a highly fulfilling experience that will be greatly appreciated by the organizations and the animals they serve, and it’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or weekend in the Atlanta area. Be sure to give your favorite rescue group a call to find out what they most need for their animals, and remember them the next time you or a friend are considering a pet adoption.

Deceased Pet Care

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