Santa Paws Is Coming to Town

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The holidays are here, and as many of us are doing our holiday shopping, we’re also adding our pets to our giving list. Over half of the pet owners in the country last year bought their pets’ presents, and this year many of you are planning to buy your pet a gift. So what can you get your pet during the holidays?

Here are a few of our finds that make great presents for Fido, Fluffy, and friends:


Toys are mostly affordable gifts that are great for giving your own cats, dogs, birds, and more as well as pets of your friends. They make great hostess gifts for pet “pawty” hosts around the holidays as well. Some of our favorite new toys on the market are Biters by Meirav Barzilay. These fun toys are intended for destruction, and are great for pets who like to rip and tear their soft toys. The best part is, they have a $4.95 price tag, according to the image on Barzilay’s website, which also makes them affordable.


Though apparel may not seem like a necessary category for dogs, many pets need sweaters or other clothing to keep them warm in the cool sweater. Thundershirts are a great option for pets around the holidays, as pull double duty of warmth and calm for anxious pets. Thundershirts wrap your pet up tightly, making them feel warm and secure and safe, helping to curb anxiety and other issues.




The trend this year for treats is to go au-naturale, whether you’re feeding your pets a grain free treat purchased from the big box pet store or a fun “pup-cake” from a nearby dog friendly bakery. There are plenty of pet bakeries in the Atlanta area, including Wolf Gang Bakery, the Taj Mahound, Dog City Bakery, and Bark & Beg where you can get your pooch or feline friend a gourmet treat.

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