Snow Fashionable – Pet Fashions Perfect for the Winter Chill

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Not everyone is enthusiastic about dressing up their pet. Even my father, pet parent to a mini-dachshund, thought the idea of a getting Watson (said dachshund) a sweater for winter was laughable. Still, whether you’re lab is a fashionista or your Chihuahua laughs in the face of pet couture, there are certain accessories that some pets need with the winter chill.

Seat Belts

He may love hanging his head out the window, but a safety belt ensures he won’t get a closer view of the road on foot.

While they don’t have to do with the cold, the winter holiday season is one of the most popular for travel in the year. We’ve all read horror stories of pets jumping out of car windows to run down the road or remember the family dog bouncing around when dad slammed on the breaks. The truth is, your pets need a safety belt just as much as you do. Kurgo makes a wonderful safety belt for pets that’s easy to put on and will hold your pets safe and sound while you drive.





This great pet sweater will help keep our fur baby warm. 


If you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard why sweaters are important for pets. Pets with short coats and those accustomed to warm weather need a little bit of help in the winter time. Grab them a cozy sweater, or even a fun parka to keep them warm and cozy. While you’re accessorizing, you can support local businesses too! In the Atlanta area, where Deceased Pet Care is located, there are literally hundreds of Etsy artists creating pet items like sweaters and more, as well as many pet boutiques outfitted with the best pet outfits around.




Photo by James Brooks. These pups wear their booties for their favorite past time, but your pet needs them too for winter weather

Believe it or not, your pet’s feet need extra tender, love, and care during the winter weather. Salt put out to avoid ice can harm their paws, while ice and snow can do damage as well. Try keeping pets that would normally stay outside in, or at least giving them a safe, warm, dry place to get away from the weather. Keep a close eye on their feet. When walking your pet or letting your cat outside, put little booties on their feet to protect them from the elements.

These pet couture items will have your pet looking stylish AND safe during the winter weather. What special steps do you take to protect your pets during the winter?

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