Spring into spring with four great ideas for you and your pet

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Photo by Catherine M Stewart

Your pet will love spending time with you in spring, enjoying the warming weather and all of the energy that comes out with the sun.

Spring is a season when the flowers and warm weather come into bloom and the winter doldrums are swiftly forgotten in Georgia. There are so many new activities for you and your pets to enjoy—here are four to try as the season of spring takes over!

  • Enjoy a frozen treat with your furry friend You can grab pet-friendly frozen treats on the streets of Atlanta with Poochsicles, or you can get gourmet in your very own kitchen for your pooch. Try freezing a pre-made treat, like Smart Pups, or make your own pup-friendly popsicles.
  • Spend some time at the park The park may seem like an obvious place to enjoy with your pet, but after the winter, you may have forgotten the allure of green grass and open space. Head to Piedmont Park, Brooke Run Park, or another pet friendly destination in Georgia and enjoy some time outdoors with your pooch.
  • Garden with your feline friend Whether your cat is indoor or outdoor, you can enjoy gardening with them close by as the weather warms for plans. If you allow them to have catnip, plant their own fresh plant of it for them to enjoy, or just let them bask in the sun from a window or outdoors while you tend to the garden.
  • Get fit Swim suit season is almost here, and as you shed those last few pounds, your pet can join in. Go for a run with them outside or try a workout video indoors while they coach from the couch. Play a game of fetch or tug o’ war to give you both a workout.

What Spring activities do you love to do with your pets? Share your ideas with us on Twitter, or tweet us a picture of the fun!

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