Take Care of Canine Soldiers Overseas With K9 Treats and Toys!

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There are many initiatives available to help you reach out and show appreciation to soldiers. You can write letters, send care packages, and more. As we say thank you and show that we care through such programs, it’s important to consider all of the soldiers—including those of the canine persuasion.


Dogs have helped to serve the military in many ways over the years. They are companions to the soldiers they accompany as well weapons in their own right as they detect hiding enemies and help protect the lives of entire companies of men. While they are highly trained and high skilled soldiers, they are still dogs, and like their human companions, they do need time to unwind and sit back and enjoy themselves.

Hugs for Soldiers is handling the “K-9 Treats and Toys” project to show appreciation for the four-legged heroes in Afghanistan and to offer them some things to enjoy in their down time. (You can find out more about Hugs for Soldiers and “K-9 Treats and Toys” on their Facebook page)

We are helping Hugs for Soldiers with this project by asking you to donate treats and toys through Deceased Pet Care. We are collecting donated items in two gift boxes that we’ve even wrapped and decorated in a K-9 America theme to celebrate man’s best friend and their tireless devotion. The deadline for collection is November 15, so get your donations in soon!

Do you have an amazing story of a canine war hero, or just a dog “in uniform” that has made a difference in the lives of people you know? For a few stories from Deceased Pet Care, see our K-9 Officers Page, where we remember amazing heroes that served with various police departments in the Atlanta area.

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