Welcome to Atlanta’s Newest Pet Centered Blog

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Welcome to Atlanta’s Newest Pet Centered Blog With Deceased Pet Care

Blogs. They’re the new hot thing for businesses, where companies either talk about themselves, talk about their industry, or talk about their customers. They’re the place where writers everywhere contribute their two-cents to the blogosphere, and where people put their voices to be heard. Welcome to the Deceased Pet Care Blog—Something different entirely.

Deceased Pet Care, as a company, helps you through the process of losing a beloved pet. We help you grieve and walk you through the process of caring for your pet after they pass away. As a business, this is what we do. Yet, Deceased Pet Care goes so far beyond just what happens after your pet passes. As a family company, we not only celebrate your pet’s life after they’re gone, but also celebrate your pet with you throughout their entire experience as a member of your family. The Shugart’s know first-hand how much fun having a pet can be, and all that goes into their love and care.

We’re starting the Deceased Pet Care blog to talk with you through all stages of your dog’s life, making the most of your connection and time with them.

On our blog, you’ll find great information for you that will help you through the process of finding a pet that’s perfect for you and your family, through raising your pet and cherishing the years you get to spend with them, and through what happens after your pet passes. Get ready for information on great events in the Atlanta area for pet lovers and their furry friends (many of which we’ll be attending with you!), as well as helpful tips on your pet’s health and their walk through life. Talk with us through comments. Laugh with us and share your favorite pet stories and anecdotes. Learn with us as we discuss various tips and knowledge that comes in handy as you grow with your pet. This is our online forum to share with you. We welcome you, and we hope you enjoy it!

For more than 49 years, the Shugart Family has served pets and the families that love them. As a third generation family business, we are dedicated to providing superior pet aftercare services.

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