What to Give Someone Who Just Lost a Pet

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Pets are a major part of our lives. When they pass, it’s not just the loss of an animal; it’s the loss of a family member.

The holidays are here, and the giving season is in full swing. For many people, a simple trip to the mall will do, but what do you give someone whose life has just been touched by tragedy? Losing a pet around the holidays is a tragic event indeed, and finding a good gift or even the right words to say to them can be hard. Deceased Pet Care has pet memorial products that make tasteful gifts for someone in grief, and give you a way to break the ice and help them through such a trying time.

Pet Urns

While an urn may not seem appropriate for a holiday gift, if your friend or family member has just lost their pet companion, they’re already dealing with handling their pet’s final arrangements. If arranging their pet’s cremation is part of this process, help them handle the expense and the decisions by giving them a tasteful and attractive urn that can carry their lost friend for them. [Learn More]

Memorial Products

Even the most attentive pet owners may find that after the loss of their canine or feline companion, that they have very little to remember them by. Give them something special, such as a memorial plaque, a photo blanket, or a garden stone to commemorate their pet in a way that they’ll treasure every day. [Learn More]

Books on Grieving

Are you still at a loss for words on how to help your friend or family member cope with the loss of their pets? Let the experts help. Deceased Pet Care has grief counselors available, or you can opt for a book on pet loss to offer comfort and understanding. [Learn More]

Have you or someone you know lost a pet recently? What are you doing to cope? Share your tips with us on Facebook.

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