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Pet cremations in Bethlehem, GA

You need all the necessary information to make decisions about pet aftercare services and final preparations for your beloved pet. You also need the information to be emotionally prepared for what’s coming. Pet burials and pet cremation in Chamblee, GA can be helpful to you when planning for your beloved pet’s final resting place.


One way to make the experience less stressful is by making sure you have all the information. One aftercare option is burial in a pet cemetery. There is a lot more to burials than you would think, but this list of burial frequently asked questions should help.

  • Why is Burial Necessary in the First Place? While there are many disposition options besides burial, a burial is a wonderful way to remember your lost pet in a constructive way. A big part of the grief process is memorializing and honoring your beloved pet, and a permanent burial place serves as a focal point for remembering your lost furry friend. A permanent resting place also gives your pet a dignified ending while still allowing his or her memory to live on. This option also applies to our equine services.
  • What Are Burial Vaults? And Do I Need One? Burial vaults are the outside container that holds a coffin or casket. Their primary function is to protect the casket and help maintain the grave’s integrity, so the surface doesn’t sink in. Most active pet cemeteries do require burial vaults to keep the cemetery ground intact and safe.
  • Is Ground Burial the Only Option? There are several options besides traditional ground burial. These include above ground mausoleums as well as cremation internments like pet urns and columbariums.
  • What Will Happen to My Pet’s Grave in the Distant Future? Cemeteries are traditionally thought of as permanent, and the land designation is often in perpetuity. You can visit graves that are more than a hundred-year-old all over the country. It’s nice to think that your pet’s grave will still be around and treasured by coming generations.
  • Are There Laws About Burial Timelines? The short answer is no, there are no laws in Georgia requiring a body to be buried within a specific amount of time. However, there are many steps that need to be taken before a burial can take place, so it’s a good idea to get started pre-planning as soon as you’re able so your beloved pet can have a dignified funeral service and burial.

Pet cremations in Bethlehem, GA

Deceased Pet Care funeral home in Chamblee, GA is a pet burial and pet cremation provider. We offer a range of pet burial and pet cremation services with years of experience and would love to answer any questions you may have about pet burials or pet cremations in general. You can stop by and visit us or give us a call to learn more about what we can do for you in your time of loss.

For more than 49 years, the Shugart Family has served pets and the families that love them. As a third generation family business, we are dedicated to providing superior pet aftercare services.

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