Deceased Pet Care Offers Equine Services

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A horse becomes a member of your family, just like any other pet.

Deceased Pet Care Takes Care of Your Largest Pet Companions with Equine Services.

Georgia is home to dozens of farms and ranches, many of which have one or more horses on their property. These gentle yet spirited giants are beloved pets, just like a dog or cat, that make their way into your family and in turn, into your heart. After years together and enjoying a daily life with your horse, from trail rides through the woods to feed time in the stable, having a horse becomes a huge part of your daily life, as it sets your routine and your habits. Which such a profound connection and commitment to your pet, when you lose a horse, it’s just like losing any other member of the family.

On top of your grief, finding a pet cremation in Chamblee GA that will help you with your horse’s final arrangements can be difficult, and the process is often tedious and filled with hundreds of phone calls. Rather than go through such trouble, you can call Deceased Pet Care first to find out about our unique Equine Cremation Services. Our equine or horse cremation facility is the only one of its kind in the Southeastern United States, making Deceased Pet Care best equipped to help you in your time of need. We strive to give your trusted friend and horse the same dignity and respect in passing that would be offered to any member of the family by having the best services available. From a careful and dignified removal with our customized equine vehicle to a pet burial lot with a granite marker with the horse’s name and dates of birth and death with our deluxe service, we work to take care of your beloved friend and in turn take care of you during this trying time.

Saying goodbye to your equine companion is never easy, but knowing that they’re handled with care and compassion can help you through the grieving experience. If you’d like to make pre-need plans, or just to have more information on our services including knowing more about Oak Rest Pet Gardens, please call Deceased Pet Care and ask to speak with our Equine Cremation Services Counselor today.

For more than 49 years, the Shugart Family has served pets and the families that love them. As a third generation family business, we are dedicated to providing superior pet aftercare services.

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