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pet cremation in Douglasville, GA

Are you interested in how you can make your pet cremation in Douglasville, GA green? You should look into pet cremation providers that offer green burials if you have certain desires when it comes to protecting the environment.


But what is a green burial? Good question. A green burial, sometimes referred to as a natural burial, is a kind of burial that seeks to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. In order for a burial to be labeled green it must take the following into consideration: conservation of natural resources, protection of industry workers’ health, preservation of the environment. More and more people are beginning to worry about the impact humanity is having on the planet and are therefore looking into ways they can do their part to protect the environment. That’s where green burials come in. By choosing a green burial you are choosing to lessen your personal environmental impact, or carbon footprint. Other people might choose to do a green burial because they view it as a return to the traditional way of body disposition from back before the commercialization of the funeral industry. Still others choose green burials because they follow certain religious traditions.


But how do green burials actually work? They help protect the environment, industry workers, and natural resources with the following:

  • Green caskets – Green caskets, unlike conventional caskets, are made from sustainably sourced materials used in sustainable production methods. Also, green caskets are completely biodegradable, meaning that they will decompose fully and won’t add toxins to the surrounding soil as they decompose. Conventional caskets, on the other hand, usually take a very long time to decompose if they decompose at all. Plus, many are made with potentially toxic materials and chemicals that can hard the surrounding soil. There are also green casket companies that are considered “fair trade”, meaning the people making the caskets are employed in safe environments and receive a fair wage for their work.
  • Green cemeteries – There are green cemeteries, sometimes called natural burial grounds, that require all bodies be buried in green caskets or burial shrouds. They have these policies in place to help maintain the surrounding natural habitat and landscape, protect local groundwater, and maintain a safe environment for local plants and animals. Conventional cemeteries, on the other hand, often use herbicides to maintain the landscaping, outer burial containers that prevent natural decomposition, and allow embalmed bodies to be buried.
  • No embalming – Embalming is when a pet’s body is partially preserved using harsh chemicals. Embalming is harmful for both the planet and industry workers. Embalming fluid contains known carcinogens, making it unsafe for the industry workers that are frequently exposed to it. These chemicals can also harm fragile ecosystems when buried in the ground.

pet cremation in Douglasville, GA

Deceased Pet Care is a Douglasville, GA pet cremation service provider that offers a range of green burial services. Stop by or visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you in your time of loss.

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